Claims code

This claims code regulates terms and conditions that arise due to the liability for defects of the provided services or defects of supplied goods within the meaning of the Civil Code and Law No. 250/2007 Z.z. Right to claim

A guest has the right to complain if he/she finds fault with provided accommodation and any related services. In the case of dissatisfaction with provided accommodation or related services, the guest has the right to make a claim without delay. After the warranty period, the right to make a claim is no longer applicable.

When making a claim, the guest shall submit proof of payment for which the claim is being made. After professional assessment, a representative of the apartment house will immediately decide regarding the claim. A record of the claim is made and retained if it is impossible to make an immediate decision regarding the claim or if the claim is unfounded. The record must clearly indicate the service, the time when it occurred, and the request in which the claim is to be processed. The guest receives a copy of the record.

Claim settlement, including the time for expert assessment, shall not exceed 30 days. If the guest is not satisfied with the handling of the claim, he/she can apply his/her rights in court.

If it is not possible to remove defects technical in character and if the apartment house cannot provide the guest with substitute services (faults in the hotel room, faults in additional services), the guest is entitled to –primarily a price discount – the termination of the contract, usually before the stay, and a refund if the services have already been paid.

The guest has the right to claim with undue delay at the latest, especially for the period of validity of the warranty period.
The warranty period is: – food products – 8 days – non-food products and services – 24 months

This claims code enters into force and effect on 1 June 2017